How to Make Moving Easier For Your Family

Posted on April 30, 2018

family moving

Moving is a gigantic decision that can bring a lot of stress and worry. Will you like your new job? What if your new town isn’t all it’s cracked up to be? Will you be able to make new friends? There’s certainly a lot to consider going into a move, not least of which is your family’s reaction when you tell them what’s happening.

Moving is not only stressful for you and your partner, but for the little ones as well. Make the whole process a little easier by taking these simple steps throughout the move.

Break the News

If your house is sold already and you’re ready to start packing up your belongings, it’s time to tell the kids what’s happening. Ideally, they’ll know about a month in advance, which is more than enough time for them to process the information without experiencing overly prolonged tension stemming from a looming change. At this point in time, they’ll be able to express themselves but not be too caught up in moping around. After all, there’s so much to do in the coming weeks!

If you have real estate agents and potential buyers traipsing through the house, though, you may want to tell the kids a little earlier so they aren’t confused or scared by the strangers coming in.

Stay Positive

Get ready. It’s going to get ugly. Kids of any age, from toddlers to teenagers, typically hate moving because it uproots them from their comfort zone and disrupts their lives. So, expect plenty of tantrums, complaining, sob-fests and cold shoulders from them. They likely aren’t sure how to deal with the grief of leaving what they consider their home and will lash out at the messenger, regardless of the circumstances that brought you to the decision to move.

To combat this, try to make light of the changes. Kids take many cues from their parents and will likely feel better about the move if they see you excited. Explain all the good things that will happen with the move. This may calm their angst at least a little.

Make a Schedule

Set a schedule for tasks that are to be completed before the big day. Counting days and checking off a to-do list can help ease the blow for kids, especially those who want to feel helpful. Resolve to have the house packed early on and the contracts signed as soon as possible.
On the other hand, though, you don’t want the move to dominate and destroy your kids’ routines. Allow them to continue with some of the most important rituals like Saturday movies with friends or family game night. This can help reinforce their bonds with friends and family, even while a big change is occurring.

Give Them Duties

Kids typically don’t want to feel like they’re being dragged around without any say in their predicament. Children want to be involved in the completion of tasks and decision-making so they feel like they have a say in the family’s ventures. Even if it’s something small, allow your children to make some decisions on their own about the new house.

Consider giving them veto power for their new room’s décor or bedding. Even deciding where to hang certain art pieces or photos can help relieve anxiety and make the new home feel like their own. If all else fails, maybe a new pet can make them excited for the future.

Meet New Friends

Once the move is over and the boxes are unpacked, your child can’t just be left to their own devices to learn how to live in a strange, new place. Help them out by encouraging them to make new friends, especially if you have younger children. Take young kids to the park, or meet the neighbors at a family-friendly party so they have access to other kids who may make great pals. For teenagers, the best friend-making route is in school, so encourage them to join clubs or sports to meet new people.

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