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We move people and relationships forward.


We believe there’s a lot to be said about history, family, and doing things right from the very start. That’s why Union Transfer & Storage (UTS) in Asheville, North Carolina, has been a family-owned and operated business for nearly 100 years.

In 1995, Wayne Campbell purchased UTS to grow the business for the employees and his family. And that’s exactly what he did. As the company expanded, the need for space increased. As luck had it, UTS had great movers when it came time to relocate to South Asheville in 2001, where they’re located today. The current facility includes a custom-built 40,000 square foot, climatized storage warehouse.

Wayne’s son, Robie Campbell entered the business part-time in high school and became a full-time employee just prior to the company’s South Asheville relocation. Through his father and his hands-on experience, Robie quickly learned the ins and outs of the transportation business, from warehouse operations to delivery to packing. He discovered that UTS wasn’t about just the logistics of moving people’s belongings and companies’ equipment. There are relationships packed into every move because there are people involved in every aspect of relocation, regardless of how close or far.

Over time, the size of our family-owned business has grown, and our success has increased. What our company stands for hasn’t changed: family values, integrity, and honesty. We do things the right way for the right reasons.

Robie purchased UTS from his dad in 2020. His first two years at the helm coincided with the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, a time of extraordinary uncertainty, especially for a moving and storage company. Expecting people to stop relocating, Robie and his team quickly expanded their interior design concierge and special project services. As it happened, people flocked to Western North Carolina, and UTS was more prepared than ever to assist their needs.

Wayne and Robie still meet weekly, over coffee, to discuss the ever growing business. They have a lot to be proud of when they glance around the business they both helped build by putting relationships first. Whether with employees, vendors, or clients, the UTS family handles them, just like everything of value, with utmost care and thoughtfulness.


Union Transfer & Storage is a full-service moving and storage business that values quality and trust. We understand that moving and storing are highly personal, and we guarantee integrity with the delivery and care of our clients’ belongings.

Our team approaches every project with innovative and mindful solutions so that everyone receives uncompromising logistical support and a personal touch, regardless of the size and scope of our collaboration.


Union Transfer & Storage strives to be the premier service for local, regional, national, and global relocation, warehousing, interior design concierge services, and special projects in every market it serves.


Union Transfer & Storage prides itself on family values. We treat employees and clients like members. Our company is founded on honesty and integrity. From top to bottom, our company understands the personal nature of moving an individual’s valuables and treats every belonging as though it’s our own.

We believe in service to others: our clients, our employees, and our community.

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