Blue Ridge Imaging Technologies


Blue Ridge Imaging Technologies (Blue Ridge) orders and installs x-ray equipment for clients across their service area. The machines arrive in oversized crates via an international shipping container. They require a forklift to handle and a large amount of storage space.

Blue Ridge also needs the capability to pull and stage crates upon request.


UTS dedicated square footage in the warehouse to receive and store Blue Ridge crates, and working floor space to pick and pull crates at their request. When a shipping container arrives from port, UTS offloads the container at the dock and stacks the crates in the warehouse. Blue Ridge can then send a request for pickup, and UTS retrieves and stages the items for pick-up.


Union Transfer is able to handle and store dozens of oversized crates within the rented space, as well as pick and pull with limited notice and stage for Blue Ridge’s convenient pickup.

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