The Benefits and Drawbacks of Living With Your Friends

Posted on February 7, 2018

living with friends

Whether you’re still in college or are just looking to save more of your paycheck each month, living with roommates is an easy way to save money while maintaining your independence. Who better to stay with than a friend or two? However, people often don’t anticipate the problems that might arise when they live in close quarters with their friends. This failure to prepare for conflict can potentially ruin a friendship, so it’s important you consider the following pain points before you make the move.

Unwanted Company

Living with people you like ensures there’s always someone to hang out with, even on those spur-of-the- moment trips. You’ll never feel lonely or left out of plans because all your friends are right down the hall. In short, there’s never a lack of fun when you live with a good friend, rather than a stranger.

Unfortunately, eating, sleeping and interacting with your friends constantly can get a little stale. Sometimes, you may wish you could have some privacy rather than friends knocking at your door at all hours. It can be exhausting to have your roommate always wanting you to hang out when all you want to do is enjoy a solo activity.

Deepening Bonds

Living with a friend is much more intimate because they understand and relate to you personally. There’s likely no fear of judgment when you emerge from your room with wild hair, no makeup and mismatching pajamas. Seeing your friend in their most vulnerable states can bring you closer together. You see each other in a new light as a whole person who has good days and bad days.

Seeing all of your friend’s vulnerable moments also means seeing their dirty laundry – sometimes literally. Your friend may be monstrous in the morning or awful at keeping up with the chores. Perhaps you have to tell them to clean their own dishes or pick up their mess all the time. In addition to seeing your friend for who they are at all times, you also get a front row seat to their worst habits, which can be annoying enough to permanently taint the friendship.


Let’s be real: the biggest motivator for many people to move in with a roommate is the hundreds of dollars saved per month on rent and utilities. When you move in with friends, you reap the financial benefits of splitting costs without the awkwardness of talking money with a stranger. Additionally, while most unacquainted roommates claim a shelf for their own groceries and spend separately on food, friends often choose to buy groceries together and share food, which saves even more per month.

The money talk is hard, no matter how close you are to your roommate, especially if you or your roommate are running low on cash. Working out how to pay each other back and pushing for returning the favor can make a friendly relationship a little awkward. This is even more of an issue if a friend has trouble making rent, putting everyone in the house in danger of eviction.

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