DIY Packing

Posted on January 15, 2015


DIY Packing:

Although we are a Full Service Moving Company, we understand that you may not need all the services we offer. When thinking about budgeting for a move, packing is a piece our clients often want to tackle on their own in order to shave the cost. We are happy to provide some tips on packing on the cheap and streamlining the process.

There are obviously lots of places to buy packing supplies, but brand new boxes can command a hefty premium. There are families and businesses constantly moving into communities, and after they have arrived and unpacked, they need to recycle or dispose of the boxes and supplies they used. Searching on Craigslist under free stuff, might be a big score.  The folks who just moved to town and paid premium for their boxes…now just want them gone.  Simply making an appointment to go pick up the boxes is a win win for everyone. Another free boxes opportunity to consider, are local retailers that  receive lots of shipments, but your best bet would be to reach out to furniture stores.  You will be able to find a greater range of sizes from a furniture store.  Additionally, they may be able to provide bubble wrap, peanuts and various other packing supplies.  Again, this is a win win for the retailer and for your budget.  If you are local to Asheville and book a move with Union Transfer & Storage, we often times have boxes onsite from our debris pick ups that we make available for our customers!

Another packing tip, is to Pack Like You Are Going On Vacation! Set aside the essentials, mainly you will need clothing, toiletries and supplies that will fit easily into any standard carry-on suitcase.  Also, set aside items you will need for your car travel like baby gear, pet supplies, etc.  This will help keep your day to day from getting mixed up with the big move.

Packing by room is an ideal worth pursuing, trying to keep boxes as room specific as possible.  Having everything in it’s correct place will prevent unnecessary stress.

Labeling and managing your inventory is definitely worth the extra time and effort.  The most common method is the ole black marker, but can be as sophisticated as handling the inventory via computer or electronically.  There are even relatively cheap apps for smartphones available like, Moving Van.

Don’t underestimate how big of a difference tape can be while packing.  Investing in some good tape is worth the couple extra bucks!

Union Transfer and Storage is here to help with your move, contact us for a quote!